Responsible Tourism

Seven years ago I undertook this adventure, to launch a different travel agency. Convinced that tourism is a means of unity and understanding between different peoples and cultures, from Salkantay Expeditions. We committed to the principles of Responsible Tourism as the best way to travel.

  • Preservation of the environment
  • The beauty and diversity of Peru is impressive - we want to keep...
  • In all our tours, we have a policy of cleaning that must be respected by all our employees and tourists, not dirty places to visit.
  • Use proper fuel for the preparation of our food and not harm the environment.
  • Guarantee the proper use of pollutants to keep clean rivers, lagoons and nature in general.
  • Prohibit afforestation - fire and deter others from doing so
  • Avoid activities that threaten wildlife, or may be potentially damaging to our natural environment
Helping the local community.

Salkantay Expeditions, company committed to the welfare and job opportunities for local people and ensuring the benefits of tourism for all and not just a social class, the help offered Salkantay Expeditions, is far from communities Cusco where we do different campaigns for children and adults.

We work all year and part of our savings are assigned to bring this aid to communities and to provide support in education, health, infrastructure (Javier Mendoza Zarate Guide and Business Manager Salkantay Expeditions) appreciate your confidence in our project)

“help us to help”.